Energy Efficient Home on Original Colonial Footprint

This newly constructed home had a small original footprint that may have dated back to the late 1700s or early 1800s (it is difficult to accurately date the original structure because of numerous renovations). The reimagining of this home was done by Clark + Green Architecture and interior designer Jess Cooney. The new design honors some of its original elements, including exposed wood beams, plaster walls, and a large fireplace, while incorporating contemporary design (wider stair case and higher ceilings, for example) and green building practices. The designer and clients wanted to keep some of the original design elements, but do away with the drafty and cold  feel of an old New England home. In order to achieve this, we used several energy design elements of Zero Net Energy home construction. The end result is a supremely comfortable living environment that has the added benefit of a reduced carbon footprint.